Module 2: Securing Overview

Chapter 4: Securing

Post-sale properties are generally secured while they are in the pre-sale stage of foreclosure.  Securing service may still be required, however, to ensure that the key code is in line with the guidelines of the asset management company and that the property remains secure.

A common misconception made by those new to the industry is that a home is secure just by locking the doors or closing the windows, but many seasoned field service professionals understand that the securing process is not that simple. Skilled field service professionals are always knowledgeable and informed about the many diverse aspects and best practices of the securing process. Each property should be treated independently from the next; investigating its unique characteristics to ensure that the best securing measures are performed.

To fully understand the best practices for securing a property, its underlying purpose must be understood – protecting the property from both intruders and the elements. In its most simplistic form, the primary function of property securing for post-sale properties is to allow access for the purpose of preservation and protection of a vacant property to be readied for sale. Not only are the home and neighboring community being protected, but the client’s investment is being protected aiding them in mitigating their financial expenditures and/or losses. Based on this premise, it should be no surprise that mortgage Servicers, national field service companies and Investors require high-quality securing practices and meticulous completion.