Module 3: Specialty Inspections

Chapter 18: FEMA Inspections

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Inspections are requested by the client when FEMA has declared a specific area to be a disaster zone. The FEMA inspection will generally be an exterior inspection. The purpose is to provide photo and written documentation of the condition of the property with additional information to neighborhood condition and specific damages to the property. Normally multiple photos documenting the condition will be required at the time of the inspection. If the home has been completely destroyed by the disaster, it should be reported as a vacant lot. Provide as many comments as necessary to provide a detailed description of the condition of the property.

Below are some common additional fields that will be required in addition to the standard property inspection:

● Current neighborhood damage level and clean-up

● Is property habitable?

● Does mortgagor plan to remain in the property?

● Does mortgagor plan to repair the property?

∙ Has hazard or flood insurance been filed?

● Have insurance proceeds been received?

● Has property owner applied for government assistance?

● Current property damage level

∙ Light, moderate, severe, total loss

● Estimated cost of damage

● Property clean-up status

● Roof damage or tarp visible

● Visible water line (in feet)

● Any conditions present for mildew growth?

● FEMA trailer on the property