Module 3: Specialty Inspections

Chapter 21: Merchant Site Inspections

Merchant Site Inspections help credit card issuers mitigate risk and fraud when establishing a new account or following up on suspicious activity with an existing merchant. The information provided in the inspection enables the issuing company to make an educated decision when assessing a merchant’s eligibility to receive a credit/debit card terminal at their place of business.

It is important to read all client instructions to determine the appointment and photo requirements of this type of inspection. Generally an appointment is made by the inspector to reduce interruption during the Merchant Site Inspection. Typically these inspections require a one page report along with multiple photos to help the client determine the validity of the business. Below are some common items the inspector will need to capture while performing the inspection.

● Interior and exterior photos of the business, inventory and equipment

● Business signage and address verification photos

● Description of the merchant’s business operations

● Observation of displayed business hours, licenses and credit card decals