Module 3 – Yard Maintenance

Snow Removal

Snow removal services may be required for both pre- and post-sale preservation of properties.  Many municipalities may have ordinances regarding snow removal, specifically snow impeding access to the property.  In addition, snow that limits access may prevent service and/or showings.

Approaches to snow removal will vary widely depending upon client and Servicer expectations.  Clients may use a variety of processes to determine when to place snow removal orders including weather service alerts and manual monitoring of weather conditions in coverage areas.  In some cases clients may require that contractors proactively inform them of the presence of snow.  Finally, some clients and Servicers choose to let nature take its course unless access is required or violations are issued.  Regardless of the approach to snow removal, time is of the essence when an order has been placed for this service.  It is imperative that this service be completed as soon as possible to avoid code violations, enable service and allow for showings.