Module 3: Specialty Inspections

Chapter 22: Quality Control Inspections

Chapter 22: Quality Control Inspections
Quality Control Inspections

Every mortgage field service company utilizes a form of quality control to ensure that inspectors and contractors are providing accurate results. Some companies utilize a network of Quality Control inspectors to make site visits and verify that the workmanship provided meets their standards. Field service companies utilizing this approach may look to their standard inspector network, especially those that have prior experience in property preservation, to provide this service. Inspectors offering quality control inspection services may be asked to inspect: securing, lock changes, boarding, debris removal, hazard removal, yard maintenance, bid work and winterization to verify that these services have been performed correctly and with the expected level of quality.

Quality control inspection orders will provide the inspector with the following information:
● Property address
● Loan type
● Requested items to be reviewed

Commonly reviewed items include:


● Verify all doors and windows are secured with the locks engaged upon arrival and departure

∙ Deadbolts on doors with lock changes should be disabled/covered with lock plates

∙ Secondary entries should be secured with existing hardware

∙ Detached buildings should be secured per client expectations

∙ Gates should be secured (especially those around pools)

∙ Automatic garage doors should be unplugged and left in an engaged position

∙ Non-automatic garage doors should be secured with existing slide locks or a padlock

● Boarding

∙ Accessible openings should be boarded with plywood utilizing the bolt-boarding method

∙ Broken glass should be removed

● Pools

∙ All pools should be secured by a gate

∙ If not secured by a gate

∙ In-ground pools should be covered with a safety cover or boarded per HUD guidelines

∙ Above-ground pools should be dismantled and removed with the depression abated

Item Removal

● Items should be present as advised by the client

● Materials from lock changes, boarding ,etc. should not be stored or left behind at the property

● Commonly missed areas should be double checked for remaining items

● Dumpsters should not be present and trash should not be left at the curb

● Verify property is in condition required by client/loan type (i.e. broom swept)


● Verification of the following for all winterizations:

∙ Water is turned off at the curb and/or main interior supply

∙ Gas and electrical sources have been turned off to hot water heater

∙ Hot water heater has been drained

∙ Faucets and valves are closed

∙ Fixtures do not contain debris or feces

∙ Non-toxic, antifreeze (typically pink in color) has been installed in all fixtures

∙ Winterization notices have been affixed

∙ Electrical service for sump pumps is operational

∙ Freeze damage is not present

● Verification of the following for wet and radiant winterizations

∙ Boiler, radiators and pipes are drained

∙ Heating and electrical sources have been turned off to the boiler

Roofing Services

● New roofing materials should match existing as closely as possible

● Tarps should be thoroughly secured

Sales Cleans

● Confirmation that the property has been fully cleaned including:

∙ Inside cupboards

∙ Bathrooms

∙ Mirrors/Windows

∙ Fireplaces

∙ Wall hangings, fasteners removed

∙ Floors vacuumed, swept and mopped

∙ Debris removed

Property Condition and Damages

● Verification of conditions and damages against supplied reports from client

● Reporting the presence of postings on the property including HUD, violations, and shut off notices

Yard Care

● Verification of the condition of the lawn, shrubs, trees and other landscaping

● Confirmation that clippings and incidental debris have been removed

● Checking of fence and property lines to ensure proper edging has been completed

Bid Approved Services

● Clients may require the review of items completed per bid approvals