Module 5 – Sales Cleaning Services

Chapter 18: Sales Clean Refresh, Broom Cleaning & Documentation

Sales Clean Refresh

After the completion of an initial sales clean, the client will often order regularly scheduled sales clean refresh services to address areas which may become dirty as a result of showings and the passage of time.  Sales clean refresh services include the assessment of areas cleaned during the initial sales clean and the touch up of any of these which may have become soiled.  While a deep clean will likely not be required, contractors should be prepared to:

     ●  Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors as appropriate
     ●  Dust and wipe down all surfaces
     ●  Address any smudges to windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
     ●  Replace any air fresheners, light bulbs, smoke detector batteries (when applicable)  

Broom Clean

Broom clean services are most commonly performed on pre-sale properties but may be requested for some post-sale properties.  Payment for this service is typically lumped with the removal of debris from the interior of a property.  To complete a broom clean, a contractor should use a broom to sweep floors (including those that have been carpeted) with a broom to remove small debris and dust throughout the property.  As a best practice, photos should be taken before, during and after the completion of this service to justify its completion.

Documentation of Cleaning

As is the case with all field services, documentation is the key to justifying proper completion and receiving full payment for services.  When cleaning it is always a best practice to provide before, during and after photos.  This documentation will aid in the prevention of quality and payment disputes related to ineffective cleaning.